Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Wear: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I had to work all weekend so i thought I might as well have some fun with it and turn it into a post. Now this isn't my Job job that we're talking about here, the one that pays my way and corrodes my soul. I work that all week long ( so yes this means I'm on a 12 day work bender yikes!) But sometimes on the weekends and a few evenings I get to work at what my yoga instructor refers to as a Joy job. The one you do for personal fulfillment more than any financial gain.

My Joy job is at a little vintage store in my neighborhood. I became friendly with the owner from buying a ton of stuff there and in a round about way, she's the reason I found my house. A lot of my clothing and decor come from her shop. And I make sure I stop in to visit every few days even if I'm not working because she's constantly getting new stuff in and it's all so affordable. So while she was on vacation, I was manning the store.

I got to meet lots of people both interesting and annoying. And I got to play with all the stuff and pretend like I lived there. And of course, I took a few pictures. i think I'll save the shots of the store for another post and just focus on my playing dress up for this one. Here I am on Saturday, the way busier of the two days...

I'm wearing the purple and black paint splatter dress that was a recent purchase of mine. Still bravely baring my legs and wearing little silver flats.

It was a chilly day so luckily I had my little denim jacket with me. Every year I say I'm going to bring back the denim jacket and I never quite manage to do it.


Here I am hamming it up for the camera in that pink sailor-esque dress, actually bought from that shop. The sunglasses are vintage French, borrowed from the store. They're a pinky-mauve color with a blue marbling effect.

Here I am pretending to read an old gossip magazine about Elvis, sitting in a chair made by a local artist. I'm also wearing my cream heels (my wedding shoes, darling) and little blue and white striped ankle socks.

Playing dress-up helped the weekend fly by but now I must be off to my real work week. Blah. I've also killed some time buying some lovely things which i will share with you soon. You can help me figure out what on earth I'll do with it.


  1. Sometimes I like to play wit my makeup too :D

  2. LOVE the denim jacket, love the shoes.

    I've been searching for a nice jean jacket and I've tried a few on but haven't found one that fits right. YET. It's out there somewhere, waiting for me, I know it. haha