Thursday, July 30, 2009

New and New-to-Me

Well if misery loves company, mild dissatisfaction loves shopping! I try not to spend loads of money and I'm really not a self absorbed materialistic person. Pretty clothes just makes me happy. Even when I was little I didn't really play with Barbies except to dress and redress them. I didn't care about the "play pretend" aspect of it. And fashion doesn't have to be shallow. It can also be a form of creative self expression. And I have two jobs and both are fashion related and I have this blog, so I'm kinda obligated to some extent to buy new, or new to me, clothes. At least I don't care about trends or brands. That's when it starts to get a bit shallow.

So...Here's what's new...

This is a cute blue jacket with white polka dots. I'm a sucker for polka dots....and big buttons. And I love how the bright yellow liner is picked up in the yellow thread on the big buttons.

And yet another sundress to add to my collection, even though fall draws ever nearer. I like this because it looks like it was sewn from the scraps of someone's old table cloth. It also incorporates two patterns at once, the floral, and the kinda loopy stripes.

And here is what's new to me...

A fabulous find! It's a vintage tennis dress. It's very short so I need to get some white shorts to wear under it. Kelly green+ white= awesome.

Another vintage dress but this one will work well into the fall/winter because of it's dark colors. I've been wanting to wear blue and purple together because it's so delightfully moody. The close up pic reveals sheer "stripes" down the front of the dress. I can't wait to break out my black tights for this one.

I've been inspired a lot lately so I have about three dress-ups planned for the coming weeks. Those are my favorite posts to do!


  1. I love that tennis dress! great find!

  2. The jacket looks so fab! I love the print.

  3. great buys!love the sundress