Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daily Wear: Off to the Market

This weekend has consisted of a lot of moving boxes and furniture and cleaning out spare rooms. This house is actually too big for just the two of us (plus one kitty!) so we currently have four !!!! storage/junk rooms with some original vintage dust in them still. We might be renting out a couple of rooms to a good friend of mine and in order to prepare those rooms, two other rooms need to be cleaned and emptied out so we can consolidate our junk and make things clean again. We threw away some old junky furniture that came with the house, though we've kept the best things of course. But despite all the work, I managed to slip out of the house for a while yesterday and today. Today husband and I went down to the Strip District, which if you don't know is our version of a market. It's mostly fresh produce and flower stalls, food stands and tables set up to sell Mexican handicrafts, counterfeit sports memorabilia and cheap knock off sunglasses. Saturday is really the big day to go so there wasn't nearly as much going on. I was sad thatthe Amish weren't there because they have the best bake goods. There were no lively street musicians either. The only good thing about going on a slow day was there also weren't hoards to push me around and elbow me away from the good stuff.

Husband sneakily took this picture. He swore you wouldn't be able to see my underwear through my dress but he was wrong. C'est la vie! You can hardly tell but the print is tiny green and brown flowers. The dress is perfect for summer (despite the fallish color combo) because of how lightweight it is. Like being naked really.
Afterward we stopped at a vintage shop in our neighborhood and bought a little side table with an attached lamp that had a fiberglass lamp shade and a little vanity chair and some clothes, of course. Everything is super cheap which is the only way I can afford anything.

I love the little tulip shaped pockets! This is husband's favorite dress and I'm wearing it with tall fake suede boots. Just like a magazine I'm always dressed for the wrong season. Come fall I'll slip back into the snugly warn ribbed tights. Oh yeah, I just realized I'm wearing my locket in this picture too. I adjusted it for my neckline but it's actually quite long. I feel boring right now so I'll say ciou!

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