Friday, July 10, 2009

Three dresses and a locket

This is just a quick post before I dash off to work to show off some recent purchases for summer. This time I have three dresses, two new, one vintage, and a vintage necklace. Obviously pretty, girly dresses are an obsession of mine. I even bought one today but that won't show up until a later post.

This is a really fun dress with a crazy neon pattern on the skirt. I thought I was over playing with neon until I saw this dress.

It's hard to see the belt because it hangs down when not wrapped around a body so I've included a close up shot....ignore my chipped nail polish please!

I also got this lovely sundress with sort of a paint splatter effect. i just couldn't resist the combination of light purple and black. It's a little blurry because the wind refused to stop blowing. It was just a little breeze but this dress in particular was very light weight.

Here's a close up so you can get a better look at the sweet ruffle detail...

Now on to the vintage! This little yellow and white dress is from the late 60s. I already have big plans for it so keep a lookout for it to appear in a future post!

This dress has no zippers, just these adorable buttons...

No matter how many pictures I tried to take of this locket, with and without flash, i couldn't get anything that wasn't blurry or glaring or something. This was the best that it got...

You can't really tell, but it's bigger than a half dollar and has a design etched into it, making it very medallion like. It opens and I plan to put a picture of my sweetheart in it! Despite the breeze i think these outdoor shots turned out a lot better than the indoor pictures I took last month. I don't know where I'll take pictures come winter.

Sorry this is all sorta blah, I have to run but I'm working on some more interesting posts for the upcoming week, like my take on west side story.......


  1. Ooh, that yellow dress is so great!

  2. I'm loving the geometric-printed one most of all. I have two tunics with similar designss, one is pretty much the same colors in a different pattern, the other has a similar pattern but it's more yellows and greens. I love wearing them with black leggings or black opaque tights (I LOVE opaque tights!!) and a snazzy pair of heels. ^_^

    That locket is just so sweet! Something so classic and romantic.