Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vintage Amsterdam

My vacation is drawing ever near and so I've been doing lots of research of sights I want to see, restaurants i want to eat in, nightclubs I want to dance the night away in.....and shops I want to shop in! I've been looking into Amsterdam's vintage/secondhand clothing scene and have stumbled across some potentially interesting finds. I've found a list of vintage shops, many selling secondhand couture and even a couple of markets which I think will probably be more fun to browse if less fruitful.

Waterlooplein: I'm definitely going to check out this market as i don't think it's too too far from where I'm staying. Though from everything I've read, Amsterdam seems pretty small and walkable. Apparently this market doesn't just have clothes, but vintage everything--housewares, instruments, and assorted curios.

Noordermarkt: This market seems to focus more heavily on vintage clothing and accessories. It carries goods mostly from the 60s thru the 80s with an emphasis on jewelry and handbags. This one is a little more out of the way for me and my stay is so short but I think I'll make the markets a priority over individual shops.

Vind it Vintage
is a vintage clothing and music store. The website is a combination of Dutch and English but from what I can make out it's a consignment shop and sells men's and women's clothing. The clothes look second hand but not necessarily vintage. I did detect some famous brand names though so it could be worth a look.

Zipper is another shop that carries men's and women's clothing and it appears to have multiple locations around Amsterdam. This place sounds like a shopper's paradise with its assortment of 50s-80s vintage, house label, and designer brands all in one place.

Lady Day Vintage
has clothes for children as well as men and women. It combines 50s-70s vintage as well as newwer secondhand quality clothing for the whole family. It seems to have the best selection of men's formalwear.

laura Dols brings us back to strictly ladies territory with their collection of dresses and skirts from 30s-80s. The main location houses vintage clothing with a little sister store across the street for coats and vintage linens.

Jutka & Riska has three locations in Amsterdam. They carry mostly old season high end designer brands but also have a private label as well as a smattering of other designers.

Spiegelbeeld is another shop specializing in high end secondhand clothing. This store rounds out its selection with local designer labels.

is a chain throughout Amsterdam and Belgium as well as London and Paris. Episode focuses on more recent vintage from the 70s-80s as well as assorted odds and ends in a boutique setting.

and last, and perhaps least, Daffodil, caters to the over 40 set. I'm not there quite yet. This place seems to be a standard second hand clothing shop selling clothing to the mature woman. Which I'm definitely not ha!

I'll certainly try to check at least a few of these places out during my four day stay and I'll let you know what the results were. I'll have another little outfit post soon. I guess I'm still hoping something exciting will happen this weekend.


  1. Yay! A blog! This is cool! I cant wait to get the opportunity to shop in Europe too!

  2. What on earth is that vintage woman doing with her ankles?!!

    I love the look of that one place, Episode. Color is love.