Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smokey eyes- Green edition

Maybe it was the upcoming St. Patrick's Day. Maybe it was all the buzz with teal eyeliner. I don't know. But somehow I decided to do attempt a smokey eye look using green and teal instead of the typical greys of the modern browns.

It turned out better than expected and certainly better than photographed. Taking pictures of my makeup is seriously hit or miss and unfortunately this was miss. I haven't discovered a consistent way to get makeup shots and its very frustrating. Alas, here it is....

It translates much more daytime than it did in reality. I paired the green/ teal eyes with rosy cheeks and mauve lips. Here is a close up of the eye makeup with my eyes closed.

It looks lighter here. Probably the flash but the pictures were all around too dark with out it. I actually used a dark matte green all over the lid and then used a shimmery teal as eyeliner on the lower lash line and into the crease and outer corner. Then just a little black liner on top and mascara.

Colors used:

eye makeup: MAC Starflash eyeshadow in Strike a Pose with the dark matte green shade in the L'oreal duo Forest. Benefit eyeliner in Onyx. Bare Escentuals mascara.

Cheeks and lips: Benefit cream blush in Shhh with Moon Beam as a highlighter. Clinique lipstick in Bamboo Pink.

I'm already planning my next makeup look. I picked up a couple things from MAC's Liberty of London collection to play with.


  1. Nice! very lovely. Ive been playing with greens lately too! my friend got me a gift pack of makeup from sephora and I have mixed some of the Kelly green with some green I just got from clinique and I pre-sold some Khaki eyeliner (my favorite) to get the free gift coming up.

  2. Awww you eye make up is stunning, you have such lovely big eyes!

  3. Aww, it turned out lovely! I love green makeup, but it makes my hazel eyes look more brown and doesn't compliment them very well :( xxx