Friday, March 19, 2010

Neon 80s Part 2!

So I guess I went through a little neon phase last year and I only did one post about it. This was from my archive, posted in November but from earlier, I'm guessing August?

I decided to have another go at it this time using pants as I'm trying to find a pair that fits and experimenting with the styling. dresses are really so much easier.

Well at least my photography skills are a little better. Ha Ha These pants are in fact very uncomfortable. The search continues. I blame my wide hips/thighs. Pants are for scrawny girls!

I tried auto adjusting the color but I think the color actually shows up truer in the unedited photos. Oh well. I ended up wearing the same black shoes and orange tights. I totally forgot what i wore last time. I've worn this blouse before. It's a very citron color, silk, with a pleated bow across the top. Hot pink bow belt continues the theme. Black capris to avoid overwhelming the whole thing and blinding people.

Outfit details: lemon silk blouse (zinc); pink bow belt (H&M); black capri pants (express); hot orange tights (hue); black heeled maryjanes (payless of course!).

I'm shooting to have something else posted on Monday. Enjoy your weekend folks!


  1. your tights are AMAZING. It's so difficult to get good, coloured tights here. And your door and wall colours match in with your outfit so well! I'm always impressed by people who can pull of fluoro, I always feel far to conspicuous, I am envious!