Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Etsy Vintage Furniture Finds

I've done a post or two before about the wonderful vintage furniture and decor that pops up on etsy. That's definitely a website I've logged a lot of hours on just browsing and oohing and aahing! I don't have any affiliation with the sellers featured here. I just really like the pieces and wanted to share them with you.

Last time I focused on mid century modern pieces, because that's what I really love best. But this time I looked for more romantic pieces which is how I'd like to style my bedroom more toward. I didn't search for any particular era, just sort of looked around clicking on the sweet stuff.

Vintage wooden and wire birdcage by Little Brown Bird. Already sold out!

Gorgeous wicker twin headboards by Readornment. Can be put together as shown to make one King sized headboard.

Cute pink and blue floral antique chair. On wheels! Not really the colors for MY bedroom, but surely lovely in yours. By Vintage Chic Furniture.

Vintage marble lamp by High Street Market. Already sold out!

Last by not least a white chair with hot pink upholstery. By The Vintage Laundry


  1. What a great blog! And what a nice suprise to find my (well, formerly mine)vintage birdcage featured! I'm sorry you missed it, but I have many more sweet vintage items yet to be listed. And those chairs that you featured are FABULOUS!

  2. Wonderful finds! Love the bird cage!

  3. Great article. love the bird cage and chairs.

  4. that birdcage is absolutely fabulous!

  5. Wow, amazing finds! That birdcage is gorgeous, and the florally chair! :) xxx

  6. You did an amazing job on finding some beauuuuutiful items! Im in love with the birdcage & surprisingly (because Im not a pink person) the hot pink the bright color on that!