Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shirt dresses: three ways!

I've long had a thing for shirt dresses. They can be dressed up or casual. They are forgiving on many body types. And I'm really glad to see them make a resurgence. I decided to do a little series on them with two I've had forever and a brand new one!

This is my new one! I love it so very much. It's a chambray style but I still call in denim.

It came with the little belt--it's navy with white dots. I wanted a relaxed sexy feel so I paired it with brown tights and my tall brown boots.

Outfit details: Chambray shirt dress (Tommy Hilfiger); sheer brown tights (can't remember!); tall brown boots (ask later, too lazy to go look....sorry?)

This dress made me feel so cheeky if you can't tell. This dress doesn't really have a good fit so I used a big belt to give me back my waist.

Back view. The dress is white with black polka dots inside squares. I thought it would show up better so I didn't take any closeups.

Outfit details: graphic shirt dress (rue21); wide black belt(swiped form a kensie dress); opaque black tights (hue); black heeled maryjanes (payless).

I went belt-less with this one and probably felt the most self conscious. This dress is an olive green with kind of a black and brown brocade print to it.

too much boobs and ass in this one. I think this is going back in the donate pile! I wore pigtails for a change because my hair was being super uncooperative but then my husband loved it.

Outfit details: brocade shirt dress (rue21); olive opaque tights (hue); brown heeled maryjanes (mudd).


  1. i love it, but the pictures are always a little blurry :(

  2. The shirt dress is definately my favourite! :) xxxx