Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inspiration: Eclectic Whimsy

I'd intended to do this post days ago but as you know life gets in the way. And in this case "life" is code for work. But there's no time like the present as they say.

And what I mean by "eclectic whimsy" is really my way of saying I dressed all kooky and took pictures of it. I wish I could blame it on Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland but I haven't even seen the film and I doubt he'd appreciate the comparison!

Scrawny awkward poses make me look kinda thin. It's the body equivalent of all those myspace photos you used to see. I've worn this dress before. It's black with white stars, this time paired with my white ruffle cardigan. Purple tights, bow headband, and spectator heels. Just a little bit of everything. Not sure if that's the eclectic or whimsical part.

If anything about this was homage to Wonderland it would be this pocket watch on a chain I bought in Paris last year. The only thing I was late for was getting to work.

More awkward posing. I swear I wasn't drunk, I just really look like I am. All I had was coffee, honest.

outfit details: star print dress (style and co); white ruffle cardigan (kensie); bright purple tights (hue); cream bow headband (forever21); pocket watch necklace (Paris street vendor); peep toe spectators (steve madden).

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