Sunday, March 7, 2010


I've been working a lot lately. Really Really a lot. So I've been really bad about finding time to work on stuff for this blog. I'm exhausted. My back hurts. No, make that my whole body hurts. I'm emotionally stretched very thin right now as well. And I may very well be hung over right now.

And there is no end in site.

I really hope to have a day to work on blog stuff and catch up on household chores soon. Right now it looks like I'll get a day off on March 15th. I do have loads of stuff planned though so please stay tuned.

These are some old pictures. I think just after I cut my hair. And my hair already feels like it needs a trim. So sometime last month. Whenever I had a day off to play around because there was two feet of snow outside.

I'm wearing my comfy wide leg high waist jeans with a black and white striped top. The top has kind of a funnel neck and is layered under a vintage green shell, worn as a sweater vest. Silver flats. During my layering phase...

I need to get ready and go to work now. See you soon!

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