Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mixing prints- 3 ways!

I was saving this for tomorrow but I couldn't wait! I really like combining prints so I've been experimenting a little and wanted to show you some looks I've come up with. I don't like silly fashion rules and I see no reason to not wear prints together.

This is the first experiment. Really subtle. I kept to the same aqua color palette which I think really worked. It hardly looks mixed at all. I wore this to a lunch out with Mom.

The button up skirt had aqua and black THIN stripes on a white background. The aqua/gold brocade jacket over top has a more open, wide print. I think staying on the same color (aqua) and mixing large and tiny prints makes this work. I kept the rest of the outfit really simple with grey pants.

Outfit details: aqua brocade jacket (H&M); aqua strip shirt (aerpostle); grey skinny pants (urban outfitters); cream maryjane heels (target).

Experiment no# 2. Stripes and plaid. These prints are in a similair porportion but I toned down the mixed print effect by having the purple of the dress surrounded by a lot of black.

This is a strapless dress overtop a striped tee. I wore this to a friend's house for summer weather Coronas.

Outfit details: purple plaid dress (grass); striped tee (H&M)l black tights (hue); black maryjanes (zappos.com)

Experiment no# 3 loud and wild! an geometric art deco print dress with a polka dot jacket. This was completely over the top but the only one of the three I was complimented on, so go figure.

The blue, white, and yellow(lining) of the jacket were repeated in the dress, along with a few other colors. Again, I used neutrals,( in this case brown tights and boots) to tone down the jarring prints. I think i got away with this one only because the jacket was viewed as a warmth-giver, not an outfit-maker.
Outfit details: art deco dress (BGBG); blue polka dot jacket (charter club); brown tights (hue); tall brown boots.

I think this last one was my favorite only because I loved the dress and the way it fit so much.


  1. Wow, I am SUCH a fan of all those cute patterns and prints in these outfits.

  2. I think these all work really well together! I like that you're dileberatly changing up the patters, but tying the colours in with each other. You always remind me to experiment more, thank you!