Friday, November 20, 2009

Daily Wear: I match the living room(!)

I've been so caught up in my love/hate relationship with Lush products that I've been even worse than usual about posting outfit pics anyway. I took these last Sunday and didn't do anything special as I recall. Just things like going to the grocery store and cleaning the house. But my husband really liked this outfit so it was almost like going someplace special, the way he kept tucking me into his arm.

I always think it's strange learning what (straight) men think of girls clothing and what they find sexy and what they don't. Will doesn't like sexy, things like cleavage and too short skirts. He likes cute, adorable even, things like fuzzy sweaters and sundresses. Flat shoes and bows in my hair.

He rarely ever comments about my makeup but on the few occasions I can recall,my eyes were surrounded by deep purple or fuchsia which I think is strange and a bit incongruous with what he likes in fashion. And I've know other guys thatwere transfixed by heavy, dark, or Gothic eye makeup.

When I was single, eons ago, in my early 20s I liked to go dancing a lot. My favorite place played 80s music on Thursday nights, all my favorite songs by The Smiths, New Order, The Cure, etc etc etc So of course I went every week. And boys would buy me drinks and i would talk with them while i drank it and met some interesting people and some boring people. even a few mean people. (I eventually met my best friend, when I was single again but in my late 20s and boys didn't offer drinks as much anymore).

But here's what i figured out in between all those free drinks and all those sweaty ecstatic plays of Dancing with Myself. I got way more attention from the opposite sex when I wore jeans and boots then when I wore a mini skirt and heels! I'm serious. I'd dress trashy when I wanted to be LEFT ALONE. hahahaha

And why? Because I wasn't intimidating in jeans and boots. i didn't look like a gold digger. i was the girl next door. i was laid back, easy going, the kinda girl you could match wits with as easily as you could deconstruct The Simpsons or pour your heart out to. Or so I would appear. But then again I was getting free drinks.

I think more importance should be attributed to the clothing we wear and the messages it sends about who we are. because people do judge a book by it's cover.

So what am I saying with this outfit? Well, "hug me" of course! and it worked.

What are your thoughts on how clothing defines us for others? Whathave the men in your life been attracted to?

Outfit details: blue v neck sweater-thrifted; white shirt with hook and eye closure--given to me by a near stranger in a night class in grad school for no apparent reason; Orange wool slash pocket skirt--The Gap (thrifted); grey tights--k-mart;silver flats--payless. I'm all about the savings.


  1. haha, you do match the living room colour.

  2. I really like how you have your living room painted. Those colors work well together and you have such an amazingly cool couch. Your couch would look awesome against the striped wall for a photoshoot!