Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MAC Holiday Pigment sets

Well so yeah I'm obsessed with makeup, so what. It's fun! I like Mac's pigments because I feel like you get more for your money and it's easier to play with building intensity. I missed out last year on getting their pigment sets because I bought brushes, and some other non Mac stuff. but this year i was determined, only i couldn't decide between them. So I bought all three!

Here they are all lined up on my husband's old dresser (it had belonged to his mother). also a rare glimpse into my bedroom. It's usually way too cluttered for picture taking.

Haute Hi Jinks--The warm collection.
left to right: Copperized (olive green with gold pearl);Rushmetal (rich copper sparkle);Museum bronze (rich taupe with gold pearl); Jardin Ares (rich tan with gold pearl); reflects Gold (very fine particle white glitter that flashes gold).

Cool Capers--the cool collection
left to right: Deep Blue Green (rich deep bluish-green); Grape (deep purple with pink pearl); Fuchsia (bright fuchsia-pink);Kitchmas(shimmering pink/mauve pearl); reflects transparent teal (sparkling white with turquoise).

Sexpot smoky--the smoky eye collection
left to right: Dark Soul (charcoal black smoked with gold pearl); Chocolate brown (chocolate copper/bronze); Sunnydaze (taupe with silver pearl); Naked (fleshy beige with golden copper pearl); reflects antique gold (sparkling taupe).

I've already begun experimenting with the warm shades. i took some pictures but I'm not happy with them. For some reason my super sparkly gold New Years eve eye makeup looks nearly nude on film. I'll keep trying and post my results.


  1. Wow, what lovely colours. I need to get some MAC pigments ASAP! :) ♥

  2. MAC...mmmmm...ever since I bought so much mac recently I love it. I 3 different mac eyeshadow looks, lip liner which sadly one of them just ran out and two awesome lipsticks. I bought three fancy brushes too, and I know that you are supposed to use them at home but I use them all the time even while driving. ssh! dont tell anybody.