Monday, November 23, 2009

Daily wear: Neon 80s

One surefire way to cure the winter doldrums is by wearing bright colors. It also helped that I spent a lot of time in a bright room this weekend. My husband and I worked in this room and it's almost finished. Eh, I know. It will never be finished. I'll just keep thinking up new ideas and changing my mind and buying things before i even know if I have a place to put them. But at least we got up the curtain box and curtains. Now if only i could get up the energy to get prints of our vacation to put in my picture frames. Nothing worse than picture-less frames, except hanging ones. I've moved with that frame and it's always been empty. UNmotivated.

of course I didn't do my chores dressed like this but I decided we should reward ourselves for anything we do manage to complete and off we went to Embury again, that speak-easy style bar I mentioned before. LOVE that place. Gorgeous. And the cocktails are pure artistry.

I brightened up the increasing dark day by wearing my neon 80s inspired kensie outfit. The dress is plain black on top but has a beautiful flared out skirt with geometric patterns in grey and brights. Paired with a matching cropped cardigan. It looks very yellow here but it's more of an acid green, like Chartreuse. I cinched it in with a black belt with a heart shaped buckle, and accessorized with orange tights and black maryjane heels. I think there's just enough black to temper all the neon.

And then my makeup! I used an acid green eyeshadow on my lids to just over the crease and in the inner corners. Then I used a bright teal shadow as a liner on top and bottom lashes. Bright coral cheeks and nearly orange lips. But I swear, it wasn't that bad!

Again, the green looks yellow here but really it's more of a green-gold. The teal didn't show up well either, I'm afraid. But see what I mean, the lips and cheeks aren't scary at all.

Eyeshadows: Strike a Pose, and R rated, both by MAC
Cheeks: Benefit Coralista
Lips: Luscious Spark lip gloss over Outrageous Orange (eyeliner used as lip liner), both by MAC


Coralista powder by Benefit

This is the newest powder/blush in Benefit's line up. It looks very intimidating in the box because it's so bright orange-pink. But it really does look pretty on. It's a bit more user friendly than typical corals in that it looks good on a larger variety of people (not just silly little redheads like me--though it does look kinda ashy on darker skin). The trick is to go light handed with it. The brush that comes with it is too dense and you'll end up with a neon streak. Use a larger rounder fluff brush and start small, adding more if you feel you need it. Don't be afraid of bright colors!


  1. What room is this?? It reminds me of an old Electric Hellfire Club cd....

    Painting walls colors that no one else would is one of my favorite things about home-ownership.

  2. This is my dining room. Also referred to as the bar. I've posted pics of the room on this blog. It's mostly teal/lime but I painted the pocket door magenta. It's a slide out surprise!