Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wherein I try to make sense of the stuff I buy

My main problem with clothing is nothing I own matches anything else I own. I'm drawn to bright colors and prints which are wonderful in dresses but a nightmare in separates. Which is why I did that whole post on wanting to stock up on winter basics, classics that will never go out of style, blah ,blah, blah. It hasn't happened yet. But I have picked up a few things. So now I'm forcing myself to make sense of the pieces and figure out how to wear them. Which of course just necessitates further purchases.

What it is: bright blue leopard print cardigan.

What I'll wear it with: I always associate leopard print with retro style despite this one's neon hue. I'd down play the rock and roll-ness of the color by pairing it with retro inspired black fitted capri pants. And then add a waist cinching belt (probably grey to pick out those tones in the sweater). Part pink lady from Grease, part Peg Bundy. well, at least it's an outfit.

Where I'd wear it: Rockabilly bowling, duh.

What it is: short sleeved ruffled white cardigan

What I'd wear it with: Speaking of leopard print, I'd sex up the sweetness of this top with a black/grey/white tone leopard print pencil skirt and patent leather high heeled mary janes.

Where I'd wear it: To the coffee shop where I intend to "bump into" a crush. (yeah, I know I'm married. This is fantasy).

What it is: vintage silver mink clip on collar

What i'd wear it with: right now I have a cream colored coat I wear it with. When it gets colder, I have a heavier black coat to wear with it. If I ever do get my hands on a long camel cashmere coat, the collar will have a permanent home there.

Where I would wear it: Attached to coats, all through mid fall to early spring, everyday, everywhere. Practical!

What it is: vintage brown tweed blazer with bright piping and buttons

What I'd wear it with: This menswear inspired jacket would look quite handsome with a fall floral dress, like brown and navy liberty print and brown lace up suede pumps.

Where I'd wear it: To shop the flea markets of London. What, a girl can dream!

What it is: sheer white diaphanous blouse with abstract pink/grey floral print

What I'd wear it with: low rise wide leg trousers to compliment the blousy fabric and a structured tuxedo jacket to temper it--both black.

Where I'd wear it: Opening night of Rent in cold (non dress) weather.

This was so much fun. If only i had the clothes to go a long with the pieces i bought. If only I had all those exciting events planned!


  1. I have the same problem with purchasing pieces that don't really match anything else. I think it's a great idea after you've bought one piece to map out an outfit for it. I really like the floral blouse you bought, the white ruffled cardigan and your blue leopard print cardigan. Those are some beautiful pieces.

  2. I love these pieces too. You have a very good eye for interesting patterns and pieces. I think those ideas are great.