Monday, November 9, 2009

Mixing prints-dots and florals

I tend to get stressed out very easily (veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy easily, as in jumping out of bed panicking because my husband cleaned off his desk and now I'm not sure where my camera disk is). I also spend all week at a job I don't enjoy for all sorts of reasons (not the vintage shop I love that!) and so I tend to be crabby all week.

So I'm trying to really enjoy my weekends (when I don't have to work at the vintage shop--which I do love) because I don't get to see my husband very much during the week. he works 10-12 hour days, sometimes six days a week. and no he's not a doctor or a grad student, he's a cook in one of those fancy pants restaurants for rich people. Well, upwardly mobile upper middle class people. Not us.

So anyway....

We decided to go out Saturday night for a date. We don't go out much in a nightlife sorta way because we're old and tired and nobody likes us and we don't like anybody ;) But when we do it's usually to one of the local bars in our area. But i suggested we go to a new place I had remembered him telling me about called Embury. A fancy place.

I had heard it had a speak easy vibe but this place was gorgeous and amazing. It was small, probably no more than 20 capacity so it felt exclusive. It was all soft chandelier lighting and wood paneling. There were book shelves! And one of those shelves pulled out to reveal a bathroom. it kinda reminded me of the Anne Frank house, but, uh, not depressing.

the bartenders wore rolled up shirt sleeves, vests, and little caps. so cute.

We got there at nine and there were only a few people. In Pittsburgh people don't go for cocktails until at least eleven. I like it that the andy warhol vampires take so long to flat iron their hair. I like getting a chair to sit in and the bartender's attention.

So they have a list of cocktails on a giant gilt framed chalkboard. The drinks don't list what spirit is in them, just the flavor and style. such as the drinks I had "light and floral" and "crisp and spicy" --that one was made with muddled jalapeno! A girl ordered absinthe and I got to watch the long ritualistic process of the drink. very cool. I love this place!!!
I took these pictures in my living room before we left. I like mixing prints and this is one of my favorite outfits. I don't know how it hadn't made the blog yet. I think this experiment works because i stayed to two colors, brown and aqua. i also varied the scale of the prints, tiny dots and large flowers. then my tights and boots were just plain brown so as not to compete. people go nuts when I wear this; I should make it my uniform but the blouse buttons always pop open!

details: blouse-thrifted, skirt-thrifted, tights--Jessica Simpson, boots --Franco Sarto

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