Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shopping can in fact cure the winter blues

I'm so excited about the 1960s turquoise sofa I just bought. it took three weeks to pay it off and get it delivered to my house and it's just unbelievable. Obviously i like vintage things and I am renovating and decorating a house but I haven't been this excited about anything so far. I love this sofa so much I cried when I saw it. I just HAD to have it. I posted about the work I've done to the living room here and as you can see i really needed to replace my old sofa (also from the 60s but in poor condition and no personality).

I've also done a little thrift shopping to build up my winter wardrobe. The pics aren't too good but the sofa is really the star anyway. I bought two winter skirt. The first is a brown and red wool plaid, soft not itchy. This one is special to me because it still had the price tags on it and I enjoy getting a $108 skirt for three bucks. I also got a fine grain corduroy black skirt. it's high waisted like a pencil skirt but flairs out a bit. Very figure flattering.

I also bought two blue sweaters and a handbag. The sweaters are a similar color but I bet you can guess by now that blue is my favorite color. The first is paler and form fitting with a deep v neck. the second is a darker smurf blue, looser in fit and fuzzy. I'll take better pics of the purse so you can see the details but it's beaded with large (not seed) beads and has a handle meant to mimic bone (ivory?).

I haven't done any new purchase blogs in a while because I felt they were kinda braggy despite the positive response I got. I don't know. I like seeing what other girls are buying and loving so why not? so maybe I'll do these again more often.

Winter wishlist update: I haven't forgotten my list. I almost found several things from it at the same thrift store I bought the skirts and sweaters from but had numerous and varied sizing issues. Perfect shearing jacket=waaaaay too big. Perfect cream cable knit turtleneck= neck hole unbelievable small. i dont have a big head but couldn't get it through. Velvet trousers=I couldn't belive I found velvet pants in a trouser cut instead of velour track pants but i did it! They were more of a taupe than a black and had piping rather than tuxedo stripes thereby rendering them more eccentric posh British lady than rock and roll but i totally would have bought them if it weren't for the pronounced muffin top they gave me. I also found the lightweight suede skirt I was after but alas it was also much too big. But I'm more hopeful than ever of finding at least some of my list since I did see that the things I want exist in real life.

So what have you been buying lately?

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