Friday, November 27, 2009

Style Icon: Emma Pilsbury

Hurray for neurotic lovelorn guidance councilors! Ok, maybe just the ones that dress this sweet and stylish.

I love her unconventional beauty and being able to see a fellow redhead on tv. Plus I find her craziness cute and lovable.

Her look is so simple, a little vintage inspired, a little librarian chic, but it's the little things that make it so special.

I love the way she'll build an outfit using shades of the same color.

I love how she wears such vibrant colors despite her more timid personality.

She's always perfectly accessorized, not too little, not too much. But also just the perfect beaded necklace or broach.

Sweater sets and pencil skirts are classic and lovely.

And then there's the little details like a peter pan collar, contrast stitching, or delicate bow.

So deceptively simple, i think i could never quite manage this but I'll certainly try. It's perfect style in my opinion. individual, recognizable, iconic.

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