Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winter Wishlist-edited

***Edited to change the picture of the camel coat. I posted the wrong one in the original!

I've been thinking about clothes a lot lately and trying to figure out why I've been so uninspired. and I think part of it is to do with, while having done a tone of work on this house, I don't really have a closet, so everything is still in boxes and garbage bags, anything that can't fit into my overstuffed dresser.

And part of it is to do with buying things that catch my eye only to have a wardrobe full of bright colors and prints and no good basics or solid separates with which to make outfits with.

So my winter wish list seeks to remedy that a bit and hopefully won't be so boring that i won't wear it.

The Investment Piece

--I have a tendency to buy things very cheaply so I can buy in larger quantities. but sometimes you just have to have something really good that lasts. i think a nice winter coat fits into that category. I would like a longer camel coat.

This is an example from etsy but anything similar would do. If I could get it in cashmere that would be perfection.

The Classic Pieces

--Something I never was drawn to before, but I think would come in handy for a complete wardrobe because of it's timelessness is a short shearling jacket.

--Another obvious classic winter piece is a turtleneck sweater. I want one with a slim fit, not too thick ribbing but not too thin, preferably in a cream color but any neutral will do.

The Transitional Pieces

--A knee length suede skirt. i can wear this in colder months with tights and a sweater, maybe even that turtle neck, and in the summer it will look wonderfully casual with a tank and sandals. Better make it a lightweight suede to play it safe.

--A long sleeved striped boatneck tee! I love these and have managed to never find the perfect one. I want navy and white stripes. This is an excellent layering piece. Kinda like this one from Forever 21 but navy and white.

The Fun/Trendy Pieces

--some very rock n roll black velvet trousers, hopefully with the satin tuxedo stripe. Warm, sexy and perfect as a non dress option for New Years Eve parties! Seen here as a suit by Victoria Secret.

--A mod style sweater dress. I like the ones with short sleeves (remember the stripe tee?) Grey is my favorite neutral but I'm open to whatever I can find.

The Accessories

--A vintage cameo ring.

--Suede ankle boots. Something with unique detailing and a high heel. In Emerald Green! I need some color, you know. Like these, maybe, but greener.

--A big metallic fancy hobo bag so I can carry simply everything all the time.

So what are you wishing for?