Monday, November 16, 2009

Daily Wear:Pop Floral

I know I've mentioned this on here before, but I'll say it again. i really love musical theater. I'm a total dork. what's worse is my husband enjoys it too so we try to go whenever we can. I think when we first started dating we went to huge shows all the time. In the last year I'd say we haven't been to many shows at all. I suspect all the work we've done on the house is to blame. Its sapped our time and money it seems.

And even though we've gone to big shows, you know, the kind that tour for years all over and visit your humble town for awhile, sometimes with C list actors in the roles, on giant stages in huge theaters and it costs a lot and you have to dress up? well, our favorite shows have actually taken place at the local college for performing arts. Those kids have so much talent and passion. and I think more work goes into sets and costuming on these shows because they aren't paid(being students) and don't have huge touring costs. And tickets are only twenty bucks.

So my husband and I (and dear old Mom, mine) went to see a college production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel. And after all that build up all I really have to say, not being a critic, that it was fun. I like fun. I want to go to a play again, after all the holidays blow over but before winter's through. It's good to have something to look forward to.

I wore a floral blouse (forever 21) that has bright primary colored flowers--reminds me of Andy Warhol. I especially like blue flowers. It's kinda shear so I wore a yellow t shirt(thrifted) underneath. Paired with a black cordouroy skirt(thrifted), teal blue tights(Hue), and my favorite shoes of all time--black heeled maryjanes with ivory piping and cute button (payless).

And I'm really frustrated with my Mac pigment sets. No, they really are great but I've been experimenting with the warm shades, all coppers, and bronzes and gold flecked olives. They're rich and shimmery and beautiful. but on camera, at least my camera, they all look kinda the same--metallic and shiny. so I've given up on doing a post on them, for now. I think they really need to be incorporated with other colors and formulas for best use. So I'll get to showing them off that way.

But here are my thoughts so far on the warm shades:

Best Highlighter: Jardin Aries (tan with gold pearl)--As the palest shade it works best on the browbone are as a highlighter. It's also a good starting point to build from.

Best used on the Lid: Copperized (olive green with gold pearl) Its the only shade thats a "color" and not a true mettallic so it works best as the base color.

Most Versatile: Rush Metal (rich copper sparkle)--I used this everywhere and for everything--as a liner for an evening look, just in the crease to ass richness, and even as the center dot for dimension.

Best Liner: Bronze Museum (rich taupe with gold pearl)--it's the darkest color and not overly shimmery

Best Accent: Reflects Gold(very fine particle white glitter that flashes gold). I used this is small doses nearly everywhere--inner corners, outer brow bone, and dotted on the center of the lid for a flash of gold.

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