Tuesday, December 29, 2009

'09 Year in Review Part 2

In my last post, I listed my top ten favorite outfits from the last year (or rather, the part of the year I had a blog, I'm still new!) In order to be fair and nor portray myself at some kind of high fashion vintage princess (haha) I thought I'd post some of my gaffs as well. But I'm only picking the worst five because my blog is young so I don't have many photos and I really do like most of my outfits from summer.

1) Attempting to mix black and brown.

This is still not a color combination I'm comfortable with though I've seen others do it quite well. This failed because it's too much with the layering and the lace texture and the plaid pants. And I think I used too many shades of black, cream, tan, and brown. Must learn simplicity.

2) The bland corporate look I need for my day job.

In fact, I'm wearing the jacket right now. I could get away with jazzing it up a bit and I do at times but I think I'm mostly depressed about the whole situation. And I look miserable here. I think I might feel better if I started wearing more fun jewelry. I never wear jewelry in general, except the wedding band.

3) Attempting to wear warm weather clothing in cold weather

This failed because of the jacket I think. Still too summery. I don't think it was that cold yet but I think even a light weight scarf and a more serious jacket in a tweed or something would have made that top more appropriate.

4) Lady in White.

This just isn't me. I like bright colors and patterns and this just feels wrong. I think it's a cute eyelet dress and I like the tiny white dots on the navy shoes but this outfit really lacks something that couldn't be helped by the little pins on my right breast. Just blah.

5) Winter layering

I'm not sure why I didn't like this. I guess I think it looks thrown together because it very much was. My husband called on his way home and said I had ten minutes to get ready so we could get dinner/drinks. These things were just close by. He liked it though.

So what sartorial mistakes have you made this year? And what have you learned?

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