Friday, December 25, 2009

Daily Wear: Amish Hipster

Hope Everyone is having a Merry Christmas, or a nice day off for those who don't celebrate! I just didn't want to fall too far behind in my blogging so I thought I's post some outfit pics from last weekend.

This is what my husband calls my Amish Hipster look. I guess because of the floral print and the layering? I thought I looked more like Holly Hobby or a perhaps a Swede? Really I just bought the dress on clearance and didn't want to have to wait until to Spring to wear it.

So I treated it like a jumper and wore a navy ruffle blouse under it and my typical thick thigh highs over tights combo. I brought out my silver ruffle heels I haven't worn since summer.

Outfit details: burgundy/blue floral sundress (Kensie); Blue ruffle blouse (forever 21); cobalt tights (hue); thick grey thigh highs (forever 21); and silver ruffle heels (payless, of course)

So to what lengths have you gone to in order to wear out of season clothing? I think I may be a bit strange for layering on stockings so I can wear dresses in winter and then in the summer I bring out all my fall colors and thick plaid everythings!


  1. I like how you have layered up, to wear that cute floral dress. I think you did a great job making it work!

  2. Either your not strange at all or I am strange too :). I would definitely layer to wear what I want. It looks cute and tell your husband that's not Amish that is Mennonite. lol The only reason I know is cause I'm PA Dutch. In-fact I have a a whole website devoted to it. I have a picture on there of a Amish wedding dress if your curious. I agree with you though I am thinking more Holly Hobby. Looks cute!