Saturday, December 19, 2009

Daily Wear: I Clean Up Nice

Last night I went to my friend's semi annual Hanukkah Party with a group of friends including my husband and my BFF. And I think, somehow the funnest part was getting there. There's something about a car full of people that makes me feel 16 again, all stuffed in like sardines trading one liners. We had to stop so my hubby could grab a six pack and we waited in a car goofily making fun of people on the street and got very animated and disgusted by the sight of a man peeing against the wall of a convenience store. This is my before, at home in my holiday pajamas.

I love how shapeless and comfortable people look in winter pajamas.

On the drive to our friends, which really wasn't far, we played another friends gift single CD on a loop. Actually two friends of ours wrote and recorded a two track single of holiday music. It was very retro indie pop. Pure sad blissness.

We had another mini adventure trying to find a place to park in a densely populated area with much nightlife and other searching party goers and I was struck with the paranoia that we might be showing up on the wrong day. Because I find something to be anxious about in anything. Like it even mattered. Like we wouldn't just go back to my house or stop at a bar to celebrate a holiday that wasn't even ours.

This is the front and back views of the dress I wore. I was completely overdressed by the way and the only one their dressed for cocktails with Andy Warhol. But as they say, everyday is Halloween.

Outfit details: Black lace shift dress(thrifted and a bit snug in the armpits, I need to get rid of this one); wine colored tights (Hue); black maryjanes with ivory piping (payless of course).

Do you tend to overdress for casual parties and other situations? If so, does it make you uncomfortable?

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