Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily Wear: Grunge Revival

Well, I couldn't help but notice that Grunge is making it's little comeback in clothes. I think I saw a couple girls online and maybe one in real life that seemed to be reawakening this trend but it's hard to tell. Everybody I know makes fun of me when I try these looks, so I guess it hasn't caught on too well. Perfect!

This is my second and I think more successful attempt at recapturing that haphazard layering style. I found a super cute navy sweater dress (another one from my Winter wishlist!) but it has short cap sleeves so it needs a layer underneath it. I found a black and white striped top and my outfit just kinda came together naturally from there. I added yet another neutral in my grey thigh high socks. But you know how much I love color so I layered the socks over orange tights. I even dug out my OLD silver Dr. Martens to complete the look.

I wore this to our Handmade Arcade a flea- market style event with locally made art, soaps, jewelery and other goods. There were a few dozen tables set up and it was so crowded that even though I kept circling around I hardly got to see anything! I was really happy for the vendors and hope they were successful at getting exposure to their craft. I bought a couple of barrettes, and I'm wearing the yellow daisy one in my hair in these pictures.

That evening I had my best friend and her husband over and we ate a super yummy veg meal my friend made. And she gifted me some lovely pomegranates which are my favorite fruit/ anomaly. I played some records while I cleaned the house before their visit and couldn't resist getting a picture of me clutching my Ziggy Stardust record.

Ghost owl!

Grunge fashion/music is nostalgic for me but I realize for many in the blogging community who are too young to have "been" there may find it strange and blah. But just think, it was good enough for Kate Moss, right? Have you/would you wear this look? It's ok to say no.

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  1. I would try it if i could get away with it. I love it on you though!