Saturday, December 5, 2009

Second Hand Delights

I'm very excited because I've found the first item from my winter wishlist. I came across a long wool camel coat in a thrift store and had to have it. The one I found has a fur collar. That makes up for it being wool rather than cashmere.

What it is: Wool camel coat with fur collar (this season's "investment" piece)

What I'd wear it with: Well, everything all winter long but I'd love to get a pair of those leather gloves that have the cashmere inserts (to make them long sleeve gloves-convertible!) That way I still get a little cashmere. and they would be much classier than my mittens with the pink hearts on them.

Where I'd wear it: Everywhere all winter long of course! In my fantasy though, I'd be mistaken for a foreign starlet everywhere I went.

What it is: a long sleeve black lace mini-dress

What I'd wear with it: tall black flat boots and a pair of dangly geometric earrings.

Where I'd wear it to: Dancing at Soul Night.

What it is: a pink vintage cardigan with pink and cream grosgrain ribbon detailing

What I'd wear with it: Over a frothy silky grey and pink dress to make the dress more appropriate for day and a pair of those heels that tie with a bow. Very girly!

Where I'd wear it: To a proper grown up tea party.

What it is: a black jumper dress with front pockets.

What I'd wear it with: I'd wear a thin red t- shirt under it and a pair of red cork platform sandals.

Where I'd wear it: Spending the day in the Louvre, slowly trying to take it all in.

But I really want to know how YOU would wear it.