Thursday, December 17, 2009

Daily Wear: Keeping up Appearances

So as I've mentioned before I don't really celebrate Christmas or really any other holiday and I don't need to keep mentioning or hinting at why. The thing is, I can't say outright that I don't celebrate at all, I can only say I don't "really" celebrate. Because when something is as big as Christmas and you have friends and family, even just a few, who do find it important to celebrate, you end up swept up into the festivities. Sort of.

In my last post I talked about my best friend coming over and how much fun it was, and that was our Christmas. Her husband came too but left a bit after dinner to visit some friends nearby and also because no one really likes to be around us when we are together. No one seems to get us.

So we drank crappy box wine and laughed hysterically at this 1947 book I have on how to be glamorous. It contains crazy outdated information on skincare (I have my doubts that wrinkles are caused by constipation),and some advice that hasn't changed at all and is still in beauty magazines (Wash your face! Wear makeup!). But I think our favorite part was how your personality affects your ability to be glamorous. There was a little info on posture but mainly it was a brief section on the importance of liking everybody, not crossing your legs, and "cultivating the reading habit" so you don't appear stupid. I highly recommend it.

Then the next day, I had to entertain my mother and that was out Christmas. Yeah I know, early. We have crazy work schedules and other obligations and so it was this or waiting til January. We went to brunch at our favorite place (OMG raspberry jam and marcepone stuffed french toast) and exchanged gifts and my husband and I spent the rest of the day lazing about the house.

Outfit details: Black corduroy skirt (H&M); blue leopard print cardigan (Grass); teal tights (hue); grey thigh high socks (forever 21).


  1. Some people don't celebrate Xmas at all and that's completely normal, I mean there are so many religions out there.

    We're not religious but we do celebrate Xmas in the sense that it is a family gathering and have a fusion Chinese-English Xmas.

  2. Seems like a nice time with you friend . We here don't really celebrate Christmas , but because I'm catholic I have to go to church . But no party or any kind of big event :)