Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daily Wear: From the Floor Up

How do you get dressed in the mornings? Do you pick your clothes out the night before, and lay them out, accessories and everything? Are you the super organized type that can prepare a week's worth in advance? do you just grab whatever's nearest and hope it all works out? Or do you have a strategy, say, picking out your top first and then working from there?

I tend to be that type. I'll pick out a shirt (if I'm not wearing a dress) and see what works with it. But the other day, while looking for a toaster in Wal-mart (didn't have any, can you believe it?), I found a pair of cheap knock-off Dr. Martens and just had to have them.

And so I decided to build an outfit around them, starting from the bottom up. Of course, you can see already I went for gray tights. Then I decided to put on my denim skirt that's been getting a lot of use recently. And then I chose a shirt, a light blue one with a navy pattern.

This is me in the little vintage store where I work. I liked this outfit even though it reminded me of being in high school.

It inspired this art photo, where I took a picture through a 1940s vanity mirror. The print on the shirt is weird. I wish I would have taken a close up of it. and then later that night I went to see a friend of a friend's band play and decided to throw on a wool cardigan (my husband's idea actually)

and this poor blurry pic was taken in my messy bedroom. And yes, I cropped some of the mess out of the picture. And no, I don't know what's playing on the tv.

Outfit details: denim skirt (Calvin Klein); grey tights (k-mart); Boots (wal-mart); print shirt(H&M); and tan wool cardigan (thrifted).