Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What I'd wear but I probably wouldn't

What is it: A navy blue cap sleeve sweater dress with cute little pockets! (The second thing I managed to score off my winter wishlist. I hope I can get at least five of ten before it's time for the spring wishlist)

What I'd wear with it: a thin three quarter sleeve turtleneck in white and a pair of red stack heeled loafers for an all-American mod look.

What it is: a pale yellow (like the inside of a banana almost) cashmere v-neck sweater.

What I'd wear it with: Tan pants with a leather cording around the pockets and a brown leather messenger bag for a cute collegiate/ teaching assistant look.

What it is: a navy and burgundy floral print sundress with back bow detail (picture is a backview but the bow does not present itself well on film--blame the print)

What I'd wear it with: A Khaki trench coat and a pair of navy espadrilles for my version of Parisian casual.

What it is: a vintage spring/mint green shell top.

What I'd wear with it: a tweed pencil skirt and a slouchy oversize black cardigan for trips to the library.

What it is: a bright red party dress

What I'd wear with it: a short black peacoat and a black and white checked thin knit scarf for my version of Parisian dress-up.

I'd actually like to see other people's fantasies of French chic. Casual or dress-up. I'm homesick for my vacation.

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  1. Love that red dress! Humm, French chic? I'd say a lovely black beret, a striped black and white shirt, a nice vest and some comfy pants and flats. Yes, I know it looks like a mime kinda, but I find the attire rather sweet, lol.


    Btw, would love to invite you to join my giveaway. The prize is a lovely Gossip Girl Inspired Handmade Headband.