Thursday, December 31, 2009

New stuff: rock and roll addition....sort of!

I've been really enjoying posting about new purchases because I've started imagining what I might wear with each piece, whether it's things I already own or not. Usually not. It's helping expand my comfort zone with clothing and helping me to experiment more instead of wearing a basic uniform of the same thing every day.

I'm having fun with more rock and roll looks which I feel really aren't me. I don't have a bold personality and I really like to avoid black--something I associate with rock and roll dress. But luckily I have some other looks too for when I feel to meek to be a rock star.

What it is: Black ankle-zip leggings.

What I wear it with: I never thought I'd buy leggings. I'm really not a fan of this trend. I initially bought these to wear under pant for an extra invisible layer of warmth. But then I started playing with the rock star aspect of these in real life. But my fantasy outfit would be to pair these with a emblem schoolboy blazer and black flats with the studs across the top.

What it is: a pink bow belt.

What I'd wear it with: Despite being pink and girly, I think this has great rock and roll potential. I'm always drawn to girly things so I'd like to tough this up a bit. That being said, I still prefer dresses. For this I'm thinking a silver diaphanous short sexy dress and studded black ankle booties. I think I'm ready to start my band ;)

What it is: a vintage white sweater with orange trim.

What I'd wear it with: This is fitted so it immediately calls Marilyn Monroe to my mind. I'd wear it in her casual style with denim capris. But with silk and lace lingerie underneath!

What it is: black and orange cross hatch dress.

What I'd wear it with: I know, I know. I can't stop buying these summer dress in winter. I'd like to get a white leather clutch and black suede ankle boots. This would be perfect for a picnic. I can't wait for the weather!

Of course I had to end with something lady like and not rock and roll in the slightest but I'm trying to toughen it up a bit. Maybe just for going out?

What have you bought lately? Any good post X-mas sales?


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  2. I have been shopping non stop :/

  3. Love your buys, the leggings are really cute!! :) ♥