Thursday, December 3, 2009

Presenting the most belated thanksgiving post of all time

My husband and I don't celebrate holidays. He doesn't because of the religion he was raised in, that he is no longer a part of, but he never celebrated so he just doesn't get it. He's an alien. I don't celebrate holidays because I associate them with some pretty heavy/negative childhood memories and they're all clumped together in winter, even my birthday, when I tend to feel SAD. And cold and blah.

I do however celebrate food and what with husband being a super cook and all, we had a little thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us. We did it last year too as i recall but perhaps never before then. When I tasted his homemade cranberry sauce last year, i knew this would be a holiday worth celebrating.

We had a wonderfully lazy day watching bad movies on tv (remember Little Monsters?) and just generally not moving very much. Followed by him doing much cooking/baking and me still not doing very much. Including putting on makeup or combing my hair.

But I knew I would want to take a photo of the little feast he made so I figured I might as well take a picture of my sloppy casual outfit and make a post of it.

He made tyrkey breast (no sense in a whole bird for just two people), candied yams, cranberry sauce (from real live cranberries!), mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie (which I normally hate but this I devoured).

Outfit details: Khaki pants w/ black pinstripe; Blue checked boy shirt (thrifted); tan cardigan (thrifted). I feel like I have been wearing the same few things over and over again but i wouldn't exactly call it remixing. It's more just laziness and wearing whatever just came out of the wash or off the floor.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha. I love this! That meal looks super yummy! I did very similiarly with my mom and jeremy and gordon (her boyfriend) on Thanksgiving. But I guess you could substitute My cousin Vinny for Little Monsters. I only made the pie, green beans and potatoes however, she did the rest.