Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daily Wear: blurry is better, really

I've been blogging a lot lately despite not really having much to say. Seriously, it's like every day. Check the side bar, you may have missed one or ten of them! I guess it's a nice distraction from some of the things on my mind lately. Family stuff, seasonal depression stuff, work stuff, money stuff, friend stuff, etc and the list goes on. And of course none of it is anything I really want to get into on here. So instead I post my ugly face and blurry pictures of the same three things I wear over and over.

But I'm really starting to like my bad blurry photos and keep trying to find ways to make them more blurry. I just don't believe in photo shopping myself into some bizarre version of myself, I see no need to attempt perfection. So I say the blurrier the better! I don't mind so much being dark and mysterious.

I was really feeling very seventies, I guess, with my plaid pants flared out at the bottom. And my super warm cozy tunic cowl neck sweater.
Especially in the first pic. The blurry makes it look old. I could be my mom in that one. But by the time she was my age, she had me and I was old enough to be in school but not old enough to have my period. Haha, you do the math.

I'm sick of always taking pictures in my living room but it has the best light, I think because of the white walls. The dining room is very dark and not much else is finished. The bedroom, still very much in progress, is also very dark. I don't know why I picked so many dark colors. I guess because it was winter? I have dark teal, dark purple, dark grey.

Outfit details: brown/black plaid pants (H&M); black tunic cowl neck sweater (???had forever); brown tall boots (not really depicted ha!)